The Journey


Baobab Fare's mission to present a taste and feel of East Africa will be reflected by the staff's cultural awareness and personal background. It is the intention of Baobab Fare to rely on our close friends at Freedom House, a temporary home for indigent survivors of persecution from around the world who are seeking asylum, to fulfill staffing needs. By offering employment to former residents of Freedom House, we will be providing the promise of opportunity to new Americans excited to contribute to their community.

"We have to bring Baobab Fare to Detroit, it is a responsibility. In an effort to encourage enrichment of the city through immigration from international countries, we have to be attractive to all. If Detroit wants to be a major international player in the world as a tourist attraction and livable destination, we need to have interesting and diverse options for all activities. Other big cities, for example, have all types of food. In New York, you can find Chinese food next to an Indian restaurant across from a pizza parlor next door to a Jewish deli. Detroit is going to be like that, it can be like that, as long as we make it happen. And, the first step for me is bringing an African restaurant to Detroit. That's diversity," explains Hamissi Mamba.